Doomdark’s Revenge v2.0

Version 2.0.8 (50)

  1. ADDED: Welcome popup for first time user
  2. FIXED: Dead lords showing on think pages
  3. FIXED: Dead lords making a lord still think they ‘prepares for battle’
  4. FIXED: Check Place think page showing just Ahead…
  5. FIXED: recruit soldiers not working
  6. FIXED: ANDROID: Credits crash – stop proguard stripping version utils.

Version 2.0.8 (47)

  1. ADDED: Game Difficulty – Number of followers should affect outcome of fights
  2. UPDATED: Lords should not be displaced when a member of a group
  3. UPDATED: Groups should not disbanded when the leader dies in a battle
  4. ADDED: Game Difficulty – Number of Soldiers affects the outcome of a fight
  5. ADDED: Game Option – Upgrade to Shareth Army AI
  6. FIXED: Character without an army doesn’t trigger an AI lord deciding to stay at a location
  7. FIXED: ‘prepares to do battle’ message is shown incorrectly
  8. FIXED: Imgorarg’s loyalty is incorrect – should be Dwarf
  9. FIXED: Dawn energy boosts are flipped for AI / Non AI characters
  10. FIXED: Dawn energy boosts for resting are fixed and not based on hours remaining
  11. FIXED: Recruitment does not take in to account the power of the 5 main special objects
  12. FIXED: Incorrect object name / types

Version 2.0.7 (46)

  1. ADDED: Game Difficulty – time affects seeking
  2. ADDED: Game Difficulty – time affects hiding
  3. ADDED: Game Difficulty – time affects recruiting
  4. FIXED: Think page incorrectly shows Person and Army info outside of tunnels
  5. ADDED: Game Option – Don’t swap after successful approach
  6. UPDATED: Android target sdk 33

Version 2.0.6 (45)

  1. FIXED: strongholds don’t change Occupier if the race is the same
  2. FIXED: Night processing hangs because of circular lieges
  3. FIXED: Obigrorn the Giant starts with Riders
  4. FIXED: Options menu is sometimes off the screen on narrow screens.
  5. ADDED: 100% scale to panel_map_detailed
  6. FIXED: Give, Take, and Use text not working on action buttons
  7. FIXED: Check place should show when entering a location with an artefact
  8. FIXED: Replacing missing Keyboard option on desktop devices
  9. ADDED: Game Difficulty – Easy / Normal / Hard
  10. ADDED: Gameplay Rule – Intended original terrain travel times
  • OSX v2.0.5 (44) – Download
  • Windows v2.0.5 (44) (rebuilt installer) – Download
  • Windows v2.0.5 (44) (no installer) – Download

Version 2.0.5 (44)

  1. ADDED: panel_map_detailed – tool tip for location – press
  2. ADDED: panel_options – gameplay rules
  3. ADDED: Rule: Impassable Mountains
  4. ADDED: Rule: AI Impassable Mountains
  5. ADDED: Rule: Sole Mountaineer
  6. ADDED: DDR – Fast tunnels
  7. FIXED: Character Time Shader
  8. FIXED: DDR – Battle Algorithm
  9. FIXED: DDR – Race preferred terrain for movement
  10. FIXED: DDR – Cowardly lords attacking
  11. FIXED: Android Rotation

version 2.0.4 (43)

  1. ADDED: permanent scrollbar to all scrollable tip windows
  2. ADDED: panel_map_detailed – clarity behind multi lord select popup
  3. ADDED: panel_look – compass – Long Press (see options)
  4. ADDED: panel_look – tool tip to lords on landscaping screen – press
  5. ADDED: panel_look – select lord from landscaping screen
  6. ADDED: panel_look – lord name to approach icon on choose actions
  7. FIXED: panel_select – crash caused by adding a new page / reorganise button
  8. FIXED: panel_select – [win] missing or corrupt lord names
  9. FIXED: panel_select – truncated long lord names
  10. FIXED: [tme] – Stop diagonal movement of lord in tunnel

Version 2.0.2 (42)

  1. fix creatures showing up on diagonal directions in tunnels
  2. move tunnel creatures to their own layer on panel_map_detailed
  3. [desktop] Added cursor sizes (small/medium/large)

Version 2.0.2 (41)

  1. fix crash caused by using CROWN OF VARENAND or CARUDRIUM
  2. panel_think – adjust page indicator size dependent on number of pages

Version 2.0.2 (39)

  1. Fix win condition when Shareth dead
  2. Fix win/lose messages
  3. Disable drag look when in tunnels
  4. Return graffiti easter egg
  5. Add confirm night option
  6. panel_look – Add drag down gesture to moves
  7. panel_look – Add drag up gesture for map
  8. [desktop] Add mouse cursor images
  9. [desktop] Consolidate ESC key across all screens
  10. [desktop] Tidy shortcut keys across all screens
  11. [Android] panel_mainmenu Hardware back button now performs Exit
  12. [mobile] Tweak scale of buttons

Version 2.0.2 (38)

  1. Fixed: panel_look – Fix black rectangle when transition from tunnel views
  2. Fixed: panel_think – adjust UI on phone
  3. panel_look – tidy character in header
  4. Fixed: panel_look – adjust colours of characters according to time
  5. Fixed: potential memory leaks that could be causing crashes
  6. Added: panel_think – Icon for Enter Tunnel

Version 2.0.2 (37)

  1. First release of rebuild – see lom_history.txt for details
  2. panel_look – Center tunnel view
  3. Make think start with THINK_PLACE
  4. Fixed: panel_look – correct panning of double landscape feature – mist & army
  5. Fixed: panel_map – Background behind tunnel always white when location not seen