• Fey have a fighting advantage in the forest.
  • Fey have a travel advantage in the forest
  • If trying to out run the enemy, head for the forests or moutains. Trying to get a five location gap between you and them.
  • During Rorthron’s travels he may be blocked by the enemy. Rather than losing time and trying to find a way around them you can go to battle and then hide. This will move you forward in the direction you want, but not commit you to fighting!
  • Doomdarks armies have a four location radius when marching. If they find anything interesting in this circle while they aimlessly go about their business they will check it out.
  • To the west of the Tower of the Moon, in the Plains of Ashimar stands the Lith of Ashimar, there is already and army of the enemy here.
  • The only shield against the Ice Fear is the Moon Ring that Luxor wears: this radiates the strength and warmth of his mind. The closer a character or Army is to Luxor, the less will be the demoralising effect of the ice-fear. The same applies if Morkin is the wearer of the Moon Ring. There is one drawback: the Witchking can sense the warmth of the Moon Ring and so, at any stage of the game, he knows the precise whereabouts of its wearer.
    The strength of the ice-fear also depends on Doomdark’s confidence. As the Witchking takes citadel after citadel of the Free so does the ice-fear grow. but where he suffers defeat or doubt the ice-fear dwindles. The Ice Crown has a cold intelligence of its own and as Morkin comes closer towards it. it will feel the approaching danger and bend a greater and greater part of its force towards its own protection. So, as Morkin approaches the Ice Crown, more and more of the ice-fear will be directed at him alone but it will not affect him. Instead, the burden of its terror will begin to lift from the armies and commanders of the Free.
  • Looking for the Ice Crown you must seek the Tower of Doom.
  • Looking for the Tower of Doom you must seek map location (5, 26) in the Forest of Doom.
  • The ice fear radiates from the tower of doom. The nearer to it you are, the colder the ice fear.
  • Lorgrim the Wise, Fawkrin the Skulkrin and Farflame the Dragonlord and Lake Mirrow can destroy the Ice Crown. See Morkin’s Quest for information.
  • He has found the Hand of Dark which brings death to the day.
    Sets the time to the end of the day
  • He has found the Cup of Dreams which brings new welcome
    Sets the time to the begining of the day. These are very useful if trying to play any part of the game at speed.
  • He has found shelter and is refreshed.
    This replenshes the characters and his armies Energy by 10
  • He has found the Waters of Life which fill him with vigour.
    This resets the characters and his armies energy.
  • He has found the Shadows of death which drain him of vigour.
    This sets the characters and his armies energy to zero
  • During the quests or if you want to move lords quickly. It helps to know the locations of The Cup of Dreams to help with an extra days movement,
  • A tip for any lords that won’t fight; use them and place them infront of any wandering armies. When Doomdarks armies attack them, they’ll soon fight back!
  • Looking for Lake Mirrow you must seek map location (18,9) near the Downs of Mirrow.