Latest Changes

Doomdark’s Revenge – Latest – 2.0.2 (42)

The Lords of Midnight – Latest – 2.0.3 (42)

Doomdark’s Revenge

Version 2.0.2 (42)

  1. fix creatures showing up on diagonal directions in tunnels
  2. move tunnel creatures to their own layer on panel_map_detailed
  3. [desktop] Added cursor sizes (small/medium/large)

Version 2.0.2 (41)

  1. fix crash caused by using CROWN OF VARENAND or CARUDRIUM
  2. panel_think – adjust page indicator size dependent on number of pages

Version 2.0.2 (39)

  1. Fix win condition when Shareth dead
  2. Fix win/lose messages
  3. Disable drag look when in tunnels
  4. Return graffiti easter egg
  5. Add confirm night option
  6. panel_look – Add drag down gesture to moves
  7. panel_look – Add drag up gesture for map
  8. [desktop] Add mouse cursor images
  9. [desktop] Consolidate ESC key across all screens
  10. [desktop] Tidy shortcut keys across all screens
  11. [Android] panel_mainmenu Hardware back button now performs Exit
  12. [mobile] Tweak scale of buttons

Version 2.0.2 (38)

  1. Fixed: panel_look – Fix black rectangle when transition from tunnel views
  2. Fixed: panel_think – adjust UI on phone
  3. panel_look – tidy character in header
  4. Fixed: panel_look – adjust colours of characters according to time
  5. Fixed: potential memory leaks that could be causing crashes
  6. Added: panel_think – Icon for Enter Tunnel

Version 2.0.2 (37)

  1. First release of rebuild – see lom_history.txt for details
  2. panel_look – Center tunnel view
  3. Make think start with THINK_PLACE
  4. Fixed: panel_look – correct panning of double landscape feature – mist & army
  5. Fixed: panel_map – Background behind tunnel always white when location not seen

Version 1.4.0

  1. Added discovery map
  2. Change to undo system ready for difficulty modes
  3. Added ability to UNDO from the game over screen!
  4. Ability to undo multiple dawns
  5. Handle new screen resolutions
  6. Built for latest IOS SDK
  7. Support 64 bit devices
  8. Cosmetic changes on scrolling views – dithered

Version 1.3.9

  1. Fix circular reference for GetNextLiege and GetNextFoe
  2. Fix cause of circular reference
  3. Fix dead characters continually fighting.

Version 1.3.8

  1. Seek at tower now gives correct guidance about lords object rather than another object
  2. Removed stray space in seek message
  3. Added lord location when describing and object being carried during guidance
  4. Fixed crash bug caused when two lords in a battle killed each other

Version 1.3.7

  1. Fix recruitment check.
  2. Implement AI do nothing correctly
  3. Stop AI characters liege changing to Luxor when their own liege is dead or they have no liege ( ie. shareth )
  4. A little tidy up on the map – text display
  5. Build for iOS8
  6. Include iPhone6 resolutions

Version 1.3.6

  1. Fix recruitment check. Loyalty of character being approached now gives +1 and their treachery /2

Version 1.3.5

  1. Morkin’s AI attribute is reset once recruited. Stops him moving and allows him to move in tunnels.
  2. Tarithel can no longer be recruited away
  3. Spell of Carudrium now works correctly

Version 1.3

  1. Springs of life now apply the correct rejuvenation amount
  2. Movement times have been corrected
  3. Critters can now re-appear on squares that holds a dead lord.
  4. You can now correctly attack army-less characters
  5. Morkin is now considered AI character until recruited. Which means he moves!
  6. Shareth now correctly targets the City of Glireon as her home, but Imiriel as her stronghold
  7. Corrected all the AI orders
  8. AI Characters now correctly choose new FOE/LIEGE upon the death of their current ones.
  9. Taken strongholds now correctly respawn soldiers at night
  10. You can correctly recruit or enter battle at dawn after a battle.
  11. AI Characters recruited by other AI characters are no longer available for control
  12. Altered collection order of characters for battle to match original
  13. AI Characters now correctly only attempt recruit when there is 1 lord and not at a stronghold
  14. AI Characters now correctly randomly stop a location in-front of an enemy

Version 1.3.1

  1. Displays ‘Prepares to do battle’ correctly.
  2. Armies are now displayed at all locations
  3. Defeated message is no longer shown for a lord who played no part in a battle he was attending!
  4. Lord no longer reports as being killed by another lord, when they were in fact killed by soldiers.
  5. Critters are less likely to kill a lord
  6. Objects are now described with full power description

Version 1.3.2

  1. Taken strongholds now reset to correct army type
  2. Taken strongholds now reset to correct number of soldiers
  3. Lords who defect now correctly revert to AI and are no longer controllable
  4. Energy costs are now calculated correctly
  5. Energy costs during movement are now applied in all situations
  6. Utterly Tired and cannot continue now displays earlier on the utterly tired scale!
  7. Utterly Tired and cannot continue now stops a lord moving earlier
  8. Seeking/Fighting now correctly happens on the last turn of night
  9. Seeking/Fighting now correctly happens when leaving a tunnel
  10. Tunnel exit transition added
  11. Tunnel and Undo transition are now governed by the transition option
  12. Battles no longer take place when your lords are in tunnels.

Version 1.2

  1. Critters and items at location are now the same as the original
  2. Recruit limit is now 1250
  3. You can no longer recruit when lords are not on their own
  4. You can no longer approach at night,
  5. You can no longer recruit/post men at night.
  6. Characters shouldn’t be able to do anything at night!!!
  7. AI Lord now only recruits soldiers from stronghold he is at, not is home stronghold.
  8. Critters now have better colouring at night and dawn
  9. Looking into mists now shows correct description.
  10. Loses to critters should now be in the correct multiple of 5
  11. Strongholds now change hands correctly at the end of battle
  12. People who run from a battle no longer say they’re preparing for battle.
  13. After a failed approach the first screen now shows the correct terrain.
  14. Find dawn or night the think screen now reports the correct time.
  15. Fixed crashed caused by missing advert screen
  16. Maximum characters in a location has been increased to 128, fixes the use of the crowns.
  17. Removed stray line-break in ‘prepares to do battle’ text
  18. Fixed formatting of guidance text
  19. Stronghold is owned by description has been corrected.
  20. You can now move after recruiting Morkin!

Version 1.1

  1. Fixed Android memory issue

Version 1.0 Initial Release

  1. Fixed POT Textures memory allocation for screens

Version 0.1.23

  1. Fixed Android rotation issues
  2. Fixed Android tunnel display

Version 0.1.22

  1. Fixed exit application dialog on Android

Version 0.1.21

  1. Fixed Android tribute screen
  2. Fixed text placement on android think screen
  3. Seek now correctly includes lords
  4. Using a special object now displays some relevant text

Version 0.1.20

  1. Correct Group Exit Tunnel fix!!!

Version 0.1.19

  1. Grouped lords now enter/exit tunnel correctly
  2. Tutorial Window now shows topmost above group leader icon
  3. Fixed lines under terrain
  4. ‘Slain by…” message is now correct.

Version 0.1.18

  1. Fixed crash bug during night
  2. Fixed lords who appear to be in a fight with no-one
  3. Resting a group leader now places the whole group in rest.
  4. All iOS resolutions now working
  5. Increased memory requirements on lower devices
  6. Overview map no longer responds to clicking on underlying gadgets, and tooltips.

Version 0.1.17

  1. Tarithel can now correctly recruit Morkin
  2. Battles are now calculated correctly
  3. Battles are now reported correctly
  4. Killing critters at the same location as an object now describes correctly

Version 0.1.16

  1. Victory Conditions now implemented
  2. Select background image change for DDR
  3. Added ddr specific adverts
  4. Number of days > 999 now reported as countless ( not likely required, but as per the original! )
  5. Armies in tunnels no longer show up above surface
  6. Dead lords no longer show up in the lanscape
  7. Swapping from lord in tunnel to lord above ground, where critters are visible, no longer leaves critters on screen
  8. Check Army now correcty mentions the tunnel and not above ground when in a tunnel.

Version 0.1.15

  1. Shareth’s and Morkin’s deaths are now reported on the night screen.
  2. Lords correctly fight critters after an approach/attack

Version 0.1.14

  1. Uploaded guide to play PDF
  2. All lords at the same location now correctly fight during the night
  3. Lords following another lord now enter into battle correctly
  4. Removed battle memory leak.
  5. Approach now correctly moves all group lords forward
  6. Approach now correctly checks for successful Approach on main view screen
  7. Approach will now be successful if any of the group can succeed in the approach
  8. Unfollow/Disband now works correctly on think screen after an unsuccessful move/attack
  9. Rest now works correctly – energy in general now increases correctly
  10. Battle description is now correct

Version 0.1.13

  1. Fixed foe being set correctly after lord is recruited
  2. Fixed think screen showing the correct inital approach lord
  3. Added guide to play to the website
  4. Reduced memory requirements to allow game to work on iPad1

Version 0.1.12

  1. finalised Tutorial text
  2. Fixed Bug in tutorial text location selection
  3. Group moving now assigns the seek to leader of the group
  4. Lords can now only recruit their army type (riders or warriors )
  5. Dead lords no longer show as in battle.
  6. Battles now include all the lords at the location
  7. Lords losing a battle will leave or disband a group accordingly

Version 0.1.11

  1. Fixed AI characters moving in the wrong direction
  2. Fixed recruit/guard on the think screen

Version 0.1.10

  1. Fixed object being picked up during a seek guidance
  2. Fixed Shader changes on think screen transition
  3. Fixed loading game when a lord is dead leaving the main menu in the background
  4. Fixed black screen of death – Problem is when a seek occurs as you move into a location and the location in front has an approachable character
  5. Fixed select screen crash with more than 40 characters
  6. Added lose condition for luxor dying.
  7. Fixed incorrect display number of lords at fortress

Version 0.1.09

  1. No longer select Morkin from map
  2. Morkin now has correct imagery
  3. Shareth now has map icon

The Lords of Midnight

Version 2.0.3 (42)

  1. [desktop] Added cursor sizes (small/medium/large)

Version 2.0.3 (41)

  1. fix crash caused by too many armies at a location
  2. panel_think – adjust page indicator size dependent on number of pages

Version 2.0.3 (39)

  1. Return graffiti easter egg
  2. Add confirm night option
  3. panel_look – Add drag down gesture to moves
  4. panel_look – Add drag up gesture for map
  5. [desktop] Add mouse cursor images
  6. [desktop] Consolidate ESC key across all screens
  7. [desktop] Tidy shortcut keys across all screens
  8. [Android] panel_mainmenu Hardware back button now performs Exit
  9. [mobile] Tweak scale of buttons

Version 2.0.3 (38)

  1. Fixed: panel_think – adjust UI on phone
  2. Fixed: potential memory leaks that could be causing crashes

Version 2.0.2 (36)

  1. panel_think: Fix army numbers text

Version 2.0.2 (35)

  1. New credits screen
  2. Fix courage, ice fear, and energy description.

Version 2.0.1 (34)

  1. panel_dedication – tweak times and fix when transitions disabled
  2. panel_night – made night processing thread safe
  3. Rewritten all text handling to resolve memory issues

Version 2.0.1 (33)

  1. panel_splashscreen – rewritten spectrum loading bars
  2. panel_look – rewritten landscaping panning
  3. Built with more debug info

Version 2.0.1 (32)
Test only upload

Version 2.0 (31)

  1. Fixed: panel_splash: Attempted fix for crash on loading screens
  2. Adjusted [ios] Safe Area
  3. Misc code tidy

Version 2.0 (30)

  1. Fixed: panel_look: Think page on move
  2. Fixed: crashes when returning from adverts with transitions turned on

Version 2.0 (29)

  1. Fixed: crashes when returning from adverts with transitions turned off
  2. Fixed: panel_splash: Attempted fix for crash on loading screens
  3. Fixed: panel_look: Attempted fix for crash after movement

Version 2.0 (28)

  1. Added: panel_map_detailed: Simple zoom gadget
  2. Fixed: panel_look: Failed move for group now thinks for correct lord
  3. Fixed: [mobile] panel_options: removed ‘Keyboard Style’
  4. Fixed: panel_options: removed ‘Think Paging’
  5. Fixed: panel_think: Terrain is now shown black
  6. Updated splash screen for wide views
  7. Updated credits screen for wide views
  8. Fixed: [Desktop] Round window width calculation
  9. panel_look: reposition group leader shield
  10. Misc cosmetic menu tweaks
  11. Fixed: [ios] correct safe area calculation for notch

Version 2.0 (27)

  1. Fixed: Misc memory leaks – potential random crashes

Version 2.0 (26)

  1. Fixed: Selecting a different character leaves a black box on the look screen for a few seconds.
  2. Fixed: Game crashes selecting New Story when there are no available slots.
  3. Added [ios]: Saves games are now available through iTunes file browser.
  4. Fixed: Corret build number now shown on credits screen
  5. Added [Desktop]: Version checking
  6. Built with more debug info

Version 2.0 (25)

  1. Fixed: Crash after responding no to “Are you Sure”

Version 2.0 (21,22,23,24)

  1. Fixed: Can’t undo correctly after switching lord
  2. Fixed: Swipe to move not working
  3. Fixed [Desktop]: Direction keys on numbers not mapped correctly (SHIFT 1-8)
  4. Added: new flip screen option
  5. Fixed: Names on the map screen collide
  6. Fixed: View does not drag rotate correctly from N to NW
  7. Fixed: Speculative changes for possible crash
  8. Fixed: Doomdark’s armies reported incorrectly as ahead and with incorrect numbers
  9. Added [Desktop]: Resolution switcher

Version 2.0 (20)

  1. Wider camera view dependent on device
  2. New night shader for terrain and Characters
  3. Added ‘fight’ option to think screen
  4. Added ‘hide’ option to think screen
  5. Added ‘approach’ option to think screen
  6. Added ‘post’ and ‘recruit’ to think screen
  7. Added ‘disband’ and ‘leave’ group to think screen
  8. Think screen now scrolls vertically
  9. Think screen now has scrolling pages

Version 1.1.20

  1. Added discovery map
  2. Added ‘tooltip’ info on map
  3. Added cleanup button for lords on select screen
  4. Change to undo system ready for difficulty modes
  5. Added ability to UNDO from the gameover screen!
  6. Ability to undo multiple dawns
  7. Handle new screen resolutions
  8. Built for latest IOS SDK
  9. Support 64 bit devices
  10. Cosmetic changes on scrolling views – dithered
  11. Update of engine to align with Doomdark’s Revenge
  12. Misc minor engine fixes ported from Doomdark’s Revenge’

Version 1.12

  1. FIXED: Graphic line glitch under certain terrain and various sizes
  2. FIXED: Poor quality of distant terrain
  3. FIXED ANDROID: Fixed back and home button not working correctly
  4. FIXED: Random action selection when dragging main view. ( eg. Suddenly asking, do you want night? )
  5. FIXED: Double army display
  6. FIXED ANDROID: Keep Awake not consistently working
  7. FIXED: Approach screen not appearing when entering a location with a recruitable character

Version 1.11

  1. CHANGED: When fullscreen mode not supported windows modes are now still available.
  2. FIXED: Removed duplicate icon on select screen
  3. FIXED: Uses correct database – fixes missing words in text messages. eg. Night screen.
  4. ADDED: New group controls on the lord select screen.
  5. ADDED: Disband group on the lord select screen.
  6. ADDED: Leave group on think screen
  7. ADDED: Disband Group on think screen
  8. ADDED: Text on think screen to show group status
  9. ADDED: Merge group on select screen
  10. ADDED: Swap group leader on select screen
  11. ADDED: You can now move from one group to another in one movement
  12. FIXED: incorrect reporting of morkin’s death when luxor dies after morkin
  13. FIXED: Scaling problems with critters on the map
  14. ADDED: Mouse Wheel scale up/down on map
  15. ADDED: Mouse Wheel page up/page down on think screen
  16. ADDED: Cleaner lord names on shields
  17. ADDED: Keys Up/Down Page Up/Page down on think screen
  18. ADDED: Keyboard shortcut to map scaler
  19. ADDED: Select lord from think screen
  20. ADDED: Multiple lord select on map screen
  21. ADDED: Non recruited characters are removed from multiple lords at the same location
  22. ADDED: Novella and Guide now prompt before starting a download
  23. ADDED: iOS/OSX option for eBook Novella or PDF Novella
  24. ADDED: Characters can be selected from the think

Version 1.10

  1. ADDED: desktop support
  2. ADDED: keyboard shortcuts
  3. ADDED: Option for classic or new keyboard shortcuts
  4. ADDED: Map Zooming Pinch & spread
  5. FIXED: compass now changes location text
  6. DESKTOP: Added fullscreen and 3 window size options
  7. DESKTOP: Added mouse pointer
  8. DESKTOP: Added context to mouse pointer
  9. DESKTOP: Added zoom control on map screen
  10. DESKTOP: Added exit button
  11. FIXED: You can no longer select lords from map when not carrying the moonring
  12. FIXED: Armies no longer fight double at night
  13. FIXED: Tutorial option no longer toggled autofight

Version 1.06

  1. FIXED: Cleanup of undo files sometimes caused slow down
  2. FIXED: Grouped lords actions were constrained by the leading lord
  3. FIXED: Finding a new weapon should have dropped the old weapon
  4. FIXED: Win/Lose conditions are now checked at the start of night and not and the end of it
  5. FIXED: Display of Win/Lose conditions has been tidied up on smaller resolutions
  6. FIXED: Cropped shield on main view on smaller resolutions
  7. FIXED: Position of group leader shield on main view
  8. ADDED: Grouped moving now reports the suttborn lord blocking the movement
  9. ADDED: Grouped attack now reports the suttborn lord blocking the attack
  10. ADDED: Little description of a story in the continue/end selector. Will update after a story has been loaded after the update.
  11. Tidied up tutorial window
  12. Compass has been increased in size
  13. FIXED: “Less the 1 hours of the day remain”
  14. FIXED: “utterly tired and cannot continue”
  15. FIXED: “and none riders”
  16. ADDED: Swipe left and right on think screen for next and previous
  17. ADDED: Pinch Zoom on map. ** REMOVED
  18. ADDED: Option for normal, short, long hold delays on compass.
  19. ADDED: Save select lord screen filter info per game
  20. ADDED: Save map critters filter info per game
  21. ADDED: Save overview map setting per game
  22. ADDED: Pressing screen on think for next
  23. ADDED: Swipe down on think to return to look screen
  24. ADDED: think swipe option for press/swipe
  25. ADDED: Option for slow night battle reports
  26. ADDED: Option to collate battles areas or display repeated areas

Version 1.05

  1. FIXED – Lords are now displaced correctly after losing a battle
  2. FIXED – affect of Ice Fear on courage – not reducing it correctly
  3. OPTION ADDED – Auto Fight
  4. OPTION ADDED – Auto Unhide
  5. OPTION ADDED – Toggle Movement indicators
  6. ADDED – hold screen to bring up quick look compass
  7. FIXED – Armies no longer recovery too quickly
  8. FIXED – Doomdark’s armies no longer ignore lords on plains in front of their very eyes.
  9. FIXED – Lord can no longer seek when hidden.
  10. CHANGE – Alteration to what you are allowed to do when Doomguard are at the same location.
  11. CHANGE – Now allowed to fight critters at night, as long as no Doomguard there.
  12. FIXED – If Luxor dies during the night, control now goes to Morkin in the morning if controlling another lord.
  13. FIXED – If Luxor dies and Morkin hasn’t recovered the Moonring, then recruited lords no longer disappear from the game fully!
  14. CHANGED – Moved action icons around to avoid conflict between night and undo
  15. FIXED – daytime game completion scenarios being triggered by Ice Crown destruction
  16. FIXED – game over typo mistake.
  17. FIXED – Think Screen – Place option not always available
  18. FIXED – Select Screen – Small resolutions Utarg sometimes gets stuck under look icon.
  19. FIXED – Save Game / Undo – Temporary storage not being cleared down results in app storage growing overly large.
  20. CHANGE – Swipe to bring up map from look screen is now 2 fingered swipe up, and return from map screen is 2 fingered swipe down.
  21. CHANGED – Tighten hit box on shield.
  22. FIXED – stray line on certain images
  23. Cached the overview map, so to make the transition to the map screen quicker.
  24. ADDED – Undo Transition

Version 1.02

  1. Names of characters using small font no longer wrap on small devices.
  2. Text after recruiting/posting soldiers has been trimmed.
  3. Number of soldiers on recruiting/posting is now correctly upper cased.
  4. Typo on Farflame destroying ice the crown message has been corrected.
  5. Minor change to help text box sizing.
  6. Minor change to help text.
  7. Tweaked positioning of names on map.
  8. Remove lag that occurred at the end of move, caused by save game.
  9. Corrected colour brightness occurring when looking left/right
  10. Tweaks to the swiping/moving on the small devices, iPhone/Touch etc…
  11. Visual indicator that the screen has been pressed for looking/movement has been added.
  12. Discovery Map display has been sped up when large portions of the map have been visited.
  13. Accuracy of the Discovery map has been tweaked. Lords and Names of places no longer appear just because they are on the map, you have to have looked at them. ( from new gameplay only )
  14. Horses, Dragons, Skulkrin, Trolls, and Wolves are now recorded on Discovery Map if you have looked at them. ( from new gameplay only )
  15. Filter to turn off item 17!
  16. Undo option added. You can perform a single undo of your last command.
  17. Undo to dawn has been added for the first day.
  18. Night button added to the Select screen.
  19. View icon changed to Look – sorry being pedantic!
  20. Pressing the choose icon when the choose options is visible, now closes the choose window.
  21. Slightly not hitting a choose icon, no longer closes the window.
  22. Removed left over AI difficulty code that would have Doomdark generating new armies that track down Morkin, Luxor, or head to Xajorkith.
  23. Progress bar added to splash screen for loading assets.
  24. Fixed downs map terrain not showing correctly over multiple locations.

Version 1.01

  1. Fixed tutorial bug that causes some screens to hang after 30 seconds of inactivity
  2. Fixed selection screen from becoming erratic with too many lords
  3. Changed 3GS to have larger overview map
  4. Full iPhone5 resolution support
  5. Changed Novella to ePub format