Testing… Testing…

A little later than anticipated as I got a little side-tracked with buying a house… anyway, I’m ready to open up the iOS testing.

If you would like to take part in this very early stage of testing, iOS only, then you need to email me your details to test@thelordsofmidnight.com
Most importantly I need your device UDID – you can get this from iTunes. Click on your device so that it shows the summary page, and the click on the serial number. Alternatively you can get it off the device by using this app…

Email this to me with your name and details about your device. I will be rolling out iPad tests first, followed by iPhone4, and then possibly iPhone3.

I have now decided to use Test Flight to manage the test process. Please follow this link to register for Beta Access.


2 thoughts on “Testing… Testing…

  1. Great to see this coming alive. I keep the fingers crossed to see an old dream being revived on the iOS devices.

    Best of luck!


    PS: Just signed up on Test Flight, let me know if I can be of any help going forward

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