Postcards from Midnight

Dawn approached stealthily, running swift fingers of light over the Lands of Midnight. Far to the east, it touched the grim Keep of Utarg with a brief golden haze: the Targ sentries yawned and looked around only to see if the next watch approached to relieve them. The dawn moved on. trembling over the Downs of Athoril, cloaking them in scarlet and saffron. The hills which had seemed hunched herds of vast menacing creatures in the absence of light, seemed now to draw apart and unfold.

Thought I’d post a quick update on the progress, or lack of, for Lords of Midnight on iOS as I am aware that I have not posted anything for a while.

Unfortunately, the truth is that developed has comes come crashing back to a slow trickle. This is due to me moving house at the end of June. I am somewhat surprised at how much the move has disrupted my development work.
Obviously, I had a few days prior to the move as I dismantled my study and then concentrated on all things moving. Prior to that I had had 7 straight weeks of shouting at people, chasing down people, to make sure the move happened, so by the evening I was more than happy to throw myself into development.
After the move it took a week or so to hey my study up and running, and generally be in a more organised situation round the house in general. But the momentum had been lost. Since that time I have not really spent anytime near the computer, where I have been able to develop.

It has really surprised me, and a little disappointed me, at the level of disruption that has occurred, but all I can do now is try and get myself back in the saddle, so to speak.

Testing has been good, and the current version is relatively stable. It is also now working on all iOS devices. The current changes that I am working on are amendments to the AI with regard the Ice Crown Quest. And then after that I will be working on tweaks for the Xajorkith Defence.

Hopefully I can get my self kick started and fully operational soon!

7 thoughts on “Postcards from Midnight

  1. So looking forward to this.

    Great memories of Luxor defending Xajorkith with his armies slowly dwindling until Corleth brought the Fey armies in at the last minute.

    It would be great to increase the enemy force further to really decimate your defending forces at Xajorkith, which then leaves you with a smaller army to march north with to try and take Ushgarak.

    Is it possible to include the option of selecting the games difficulty by increasing the enemy numbers?

    Whilst I’m sorry things have slowed a little, really appreciate the update Chris, I actually joined Twitter just to keep up to date with the games development!

  2. Hi, some quick feed back chris.

    The icons seek, and night and map etc, these need to be on the main screen there is tons of room on the screen to display these and to keep having to access the menu to get this breaks game flow And is very frustrating.

    The end game and continue game I can work out which is saving and which is loading. I’ve tried both and just seems to lose my current save point.

    Aside from these points the game is looking good I’d love to see more icons took off sub menus and placed more intuvitly on the main screen.


  3. Is the game going to be moddable or modifiable in any way? For instance, possibility of new maps, new deployment forces, levels of difficulty, change of battle parameters, etc.? It would be awesome, and except perhaps in the case of new maps which whould require an entirely new AI, quite easy to implement, I am sure.

  4. John, please keep future comments about the game on the testing forum. That’s if you’ve missed it from the sign on notice.

    But to address your points here.

    The UI is work in progress, if you check the roadmap on the forum you will notice that many points need to be addressed later. In theory there is plenty of room on the iPad main screen for the icons, but this is affected by the iPhone. I’ve not made a decision yet as to whether I will need to have two separate UI’s – which I was hoping to avoid.

    Continue story, is load game. End Story is delete game.

  5. Petard,
    In theory the game is modable… the underlying engine allows it to be more data driven and for the creation of scenarios etc. This will hopefully be used for in game scenarios and campaigns.

  6. Hey Guys,

    Wow…..This game ruled my world when I was a new ZX spectrum owner almost 30 years ago. Still one of the greatest games I ever played. Downloaded the PC version a few weeks ago and suddenly I was 14 again, losing an entire weekend in the world of Midnight.

    I think they are a lot of people rooting for the iOS version to be completed, hell yes I will buy it!

    Good luck to you sir!

    James Elliott 43 and 1/2

  7. Hope the house move went ok. Should we be bugging you about an update, not sure. Must be loads on your mind and getting it to focus on the Lords of Midnight is going to be hard. Wish you well, relax and come back with all guns blazin’ (or should that be swords swishing !) Just HURRY UP ! : )

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