8 thoughts on “Lords of Midnight TV

  1. Are the key bindings configurable?
    I find really unintuitive that the key mapping for “Yes” is G, for “No” is J, for “Dawn” is E, etc. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be Y, N and D? Or in these specific examples even better something like Enter for “Yes”, Escape for “No”, and Enter for Dawn as they are the most common keys used today for the concepts of “Yes, go on” and “No, go back”.
    Please, remember that nobody has today those cardboard key overlays that, anyway, only worked at all with the 48K model Spectrum. 😛 (I had a 128K Spectrum and you couldn’t use the overlays on that keyboard anymore).

    • They are not currently configurable, but there is an option to toggle between original and new bindings. In new bindings ‘y’ is yes etc…

  2. I don’t have the overlay anymore, but can still remember all the key settings for both games! Sad the things you remember from a misspent youth!

      • Awesome, wouldn’t intrigued by this game and don’t own any of the mobile/tablet things required. Have you considered GOG.com as a distributor, it might be a bit tough getting it on Steam with the minimalistic graphics, but it would be right at home at GOG (Desura too)

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