6 thoughts on “The Lords of Midnight on GoG…

    • It might do, I purposely held it back because its available in the Mac APP store, but I will discuss it with GoG when I return from my holiday next week.

  1. I visited GOG yesterday and I was stoked to see The Lords Of Midnight there. I didn’t know of this remake and it made me very happy (I literally jumped on my seat). I immediately purchased the iOS version and got gleefully lost in the land of Midnight. Later on I will get the GOG version too. Thank you very much for reviving old fond memories and for providing very current fun!

  2. The GOG version is 1.0 but here I saw that the last version is 1.05 … will the GOG version be updated?
    Thanks in advance!

    • The version numbers differ across platforms. The desktop version is actually a newer version than mobile and there will be a new mobile version to bring them into sync.

      That said, there will be a new desktop version soon to resolve issues that creeped in during the desktop development.

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