2 thoughts on “Doomdark’s Revenge

  1. Well to say im really looking forward to ddr is a major understatement, when i first played lords of midnight it such an impact on me i so loved the size of it and strategy behind the game it was wonderful, now doomdark’s revenge is a whole another monster, it played so much like midnight but for me the single thing that makes this game so much better well for me anyway was the total independence of each character, they either followed the master went after there foe or to get there special weapon. This all meant that each game when you load it up could play so different because you could never quite tell when characters were gonna turn up, although they did follow similar patterns at some point in the game.

  2. Genuinely i think DDR ranks as one of the finest games I have ever played, and – I totally agree with the previous comment – each time you played it was a little bit different from the last. An incredible game, and far from easy to complete in its entirety. Cant wait for a chance to relive those many lost hours! Ben

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