9 thoughts on “Guidance from the Wise

    • Hm.. I haven’t had access to a 6+ I did test it on a 6. However, I would have suspected Apple would have rejected it outright if it was a general issue. I’ll look into it…

  1. Hi Chris
    I have to say sorry here, i didnt know that in my display and brightness section in settings theres a display zoom feature i set that to larger view and thats what caused the crashing issue, put view back to standard and Doomdarks is now working, sorry for being a pain there.

    Paul Robertson

    • No, It’s good to know. I’ve just tested it with the iPhone6 and it works with that feature… there must be something about the 6+ that causes a problem. It would be good to fix that.

    • Yes, LOM isn’t built for iPhone6/6+ but DDR is. So LOM works in a compatibility mode. I think the problem is that zoomed mode is another screen resolution which I didn’t know about, under iPhone6 I accidentally support the zoomed resolution, because it’s the same as other devices. The iPhone6+ the zoomed mode is a new resolution not previously used… so I should be able to fix it…

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