The Eye of the Moon

I have finally typed up the notes for The Eye of the Moon and combined it with a little story history.

I’ve just found some extra notes and bits that I forgot to scan. I have now added these in.

The new bits are:-
1. The hand drawn map of Valahar at the end.
2. Some information about name changes on the Eye map.
3. Names of additional wise characters.
4. Known Routes
5. Single Use Magic
6. Holding Domains
7. Independents
8. Restricting the Numbers

5 thoughts on “The Eye of the Moon

  1. This is fascinating and exciting. Sounds horribly complex (which is good). The map seems fairly out of proportion – Midnight and Icemark are big enough to contain excellent games (obviously) – yet would only be a tiny fraction of the overall “board” – is it too big to be manageable? Would games take years to finish? Would the game take years to write… Liked some of the fresh concepts in description – although would miss flames of dawn etc.
    BTW on my recent billionth playthrough I managed to hold all castles and citadels (even Lorgrim and Lothoril), and lose no friendly lords (even Kor) and destroyed all Foul forces then destroyed Ice Crown on same day as storming Ushgarak. Had to tell somebody as my family are not remotely interested.

    • I don’t know if the map would work, it would definitely need some play testing! Part of the issue is the map of The Bloodmarch, it skews everything. It could be that is actually smaller, or needs to be smaller, that would have an affect on the other maps.

      Congratulations on the comprehensive win! 🙂

    • I did the same thing – I visited every keep and citadel and eradicated Doomdark’s fell minions from the face of midnight before, like you, completed the game (although I can’t quite remember if I managed to save all the lords though ; that is a bit extreme 😉

      That achievement is up there with the day when I got to elite on er, elite!!

  2. Cheers for that Chris, was an interesting read. Is Eye of the Moon still something that could happen?

    That’s some achievement Neil. Having played Midnight about a billion times I can appreciate how hard that is!

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