Many battles fought again by tongue

Strange day today. Not just because it would have been Mike’s birthday, but because for some reason I found myself fixing a bug in Doomdark’s Revenge. Back in January I had a bug reported to me by Simon Foston, I managed to get some save games from him and just needed to find some time to look at it. Now, it’s taken a little while for me to find that time, but for some reason I looked at it today. It wasn’t a conscious decision, I was just looking through some emails that needed dealing with and noticed Simon’s bug report.
A quick look through the code and with a tip off from Simon’s report, it became apparent that the ghosts of dead lords were continuing to take part in battles. I checked the original code and it looked as if the bug was there too, however, I then found that the isDead check was happening later in the process. Strangely what it means is that battles at a dead lords location are processed as part of a dead characters turn, and not as part of other characters in the location. In my case, I’d missed the later isDead check and therefore the dead lord actually took part in the battle.


So, it seemed strange to be working on a bug in Doomdark’s Revenge that included the dearly departed, today of all days. I’m sure Mike had a wry smile..

6 thoughts on “Many battles fought again by tongue

  1. Before fixing this bug, would Lord Midwinter, in the Forest of Dreams, join a battle that happened in his square?

  2. Hi, Chris
    Iv followed all of your posts for DDR .
    Bought the original game for my c64 way back in the 80’s when I was around 15 years old…and played it , and played it.
    I’m 46 now , and still playing it on my iPhone with your app.
    As iv read someone else say on here , it deprived me of loads of schooling , and years of my life.
    Such a cracking and addictive game.
    I wanted to ask you , well ,beg you to try and make ‘The Eye of the Moon’
    There is lots of wiki about Mike having large chunks of coding for it locked away … unique castles , 12 domains , different weather systems in warmer lands.
    What characters was he going to include in 89 ?
    Some diputes I believe happened involving rights to produce the game in 16bit and 8bit.
    The best 2 games iv ever played deserve the follow up .
    If I had the knowledge to help you build EOtM then I would , but I don’t ,
    and so , here is hoping , amongst hope , that you do the game … somehow , someway , and make a lot of followers my age be at piece .
    Sincere Regards
    Kev Riley.

  3. Chris has talked about doing more games including EOTM and The Citadel using his superb engine, sadly he hasn’t had the time – yet!!
    Here’s hoping one day he does.

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