There were many tales to be told

Drew has posted a blog about him and his future novels, but the TLDR; from a Midnight point of view is that we have agreed on more Midnight novels… If all goes to plan then he should be starting on Doomdark’s Revenge in the first half of 2019.

Doomdark’s Revenge will be an interesting story as it should be less confined than working on Lords of Midnight. At heart it has a female protagonist on a quest with a female antagonist, but after that, what is it really about…? At this stage we already have a few ideas that link all the stories together, we had to discuss them right at the start of this process, but for the actual main narrative, I for one look forward to finding out…

One side effect of this is that I now absolutely need to get the games up and running again. I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to revisit them, but Drew needs a version of Revenge that he can walk around unhindered, and hopefully this can be the push I need to jolt me back into it.

2 thoughts on “There were many tales to be told

  1. Hi, I Still Love both of Mike’s games.
    while I had only a Speccy 48k(sounds too small for a game like Revenge, i ued a hack that let me see all characters including Shareth (WAS GREAT I COULD LAY TRAPS FOR HER!!) plus every slain character and death location. I can’t remember if it showed the crowns etc., but it showed all Tunnel access properties (claws of night, Langour of death etc.)
    it was in an issue of the Spectrum Magazine with a full accurate map it didn’t really spoil the strategy since Luxor ‘s only invincible when possessing the Runes of Finorn, HE’s invincilble… NOT his army , but this hack also made all friendly forts regenerate and all armies could be replenished to 1200 , even the Fey could replenish their armies to 1200 once again the exception was Shareth when she lost her army she eventually was killed but not util many stacks by her on multiply army occupief citadels. It made the game excitingly capable of an all out battle to Victory for Luxor and Co.

  2. Yeah, DDR was both a much more open world, but also more flawed. In LoR you can clearly see that you’re in a struggle for existence against a tide of evil. In DDR you could recruit almost everyone you met, so you never felt like you were really in a fight. Ultimately, once you worked out this, it made for poor gameplay, even if you tried not to recruit the enemy.

    If it were up to me I would make it impossible to recruit anyone loyal to Shareth, and have some armies (perhaps selected randomly) flagged as impossible to recruit. It should also be clear to the player that they are in for combat when they meet an army that is impossible to recruit them (so you don’t repeatedly try to do it), or at least after the first failure to recruit.

    I think the original concept was that you have to recruit an army to over-throw Shareth, but this is too easy. You should feel that you are in a race with Shareth to recruit enough soldiers and if you don’t, you will lose.

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