Doomdark could choose from many roads after gaining the Plains

So phase one of the new release is almost complete. Version 2.0.2 (36) of The Lords of Midnight is now available for iPhone, OSX, and Windows. You can download OSX from the App Store or you can get it from here along with the Windows version.

On iOS there is one known issue and that is a random crash caused by the move from OpenGL to Metal – a requirement enforced by Apple. You never lose any data and a restart of the game will take you right back in to where you were. If you are experiencing this problem then it is possible that turning off transitions in the options may solve or delay the problem.

Unfortunately it seems that the Cocos2dx has an issue here and the SDK has not been updated in two years, which makes me think it is nearly as good as dead – which leaves me in another tricky situation.

The suggestion is that I can move to a more updated Fork of Cocos2dx called ADXE. In theory it should be a small migration, but I’m just not up to it right now. Maybe I will give it a quick go one weekend when the mood takes me.

So I have made the decision to move on for now to phase two which is to get Doomdark’s Revenge release. Hopefully this shouldn’t take too long as it was already running in the new engine, I just need to check over a few things. I have pushed test version for iOS and OSX and will follow with Windows and Android real soon.

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This does leave me vulnerable as the crash bug is probably frequent enough that I might start to get complaints and review ratings will start to decrease. However until I see how bad the crash is in the wild across multiple devices and os versions, it’s hard for me to gauge. I just hope that those of you have been following my progress and are therefore reading this will just take the crash on the chin for a while.

As later phases of my plan involve a complete re-write of the engine to c# and the potential move to unity (which is already under way), then I feel compelled to get Doomdark’s Revenge released and then focus on the rewrite. Because with the new engine will come many many new and shiny features…

5 thoughts on “Doomdark could choose from many roads after gaining the Plains

  1. I read this and decided to give the iPad game another look. Was frustrated because I forgot how to move my characters forward. It’s not obvious and I have found any help in the tips that appear. Yes, this is my immediate problem, but I’m certain other casual players will run into the same issue.

    • It’s a fair comment. I always intended to put on screen indicators with a quick tutorial. It was always in the playing guide. I guess as time went on (10 years) it never seemed an issue. I shall put it on my todo list.

      • Hey,
        You’ve got enough on your plate… we know you will smash it!!!
        It’s sorted when it’s sorted!!!
        Stay safe & thanks for having another look!!!

        • I just went to add some text to the tutorial popups… and notice that it already tells you how to look around and move!!

  2. Hi,
    Bills correct…moving was not instantly clear or easy like the last incantation!! That said good to have you back and know that the testing will sort this!!! Brilliant times ahead?!!! Thank you!!!

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