You must challenge Doomdark everywhere…

Latest version of both The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge is available across all formats version 2.0.4 (43), depending on store and your update settings, they should become available over the next few days. As always windows and non App Store OSX versions will be available here and here

This release fully syncs both games with bug fixes and features. I will now be using my time to focus on updates to facilitate a release of The Citadel in the future, and I will post some blog entries on that over the next few weeks. However, if you have any ideas of features that you would like to see implemented, then contacted me and I will look at them. It would be nice to drop a new feature monthly or bi monthly just to stop the apps from stagnating and forcing me to keep the builds up to date.

There are a few new features in this release for both games, so I thought I’d mention them here. I have not had time to update the online documentation, but I will do soon as it doesn’t need a release of the app to do so.

ADDED: permanent scrollbar to all scrollable tip windows

It’s not always clear that the tip popups can be scrolled, so I made the scrollbars always visible to help with that.

Shows tip window with visible scrollbar
Tips Scrollbar

ADDED: panel_map_detailed – clarity behind multi lord select popup

On the map when there are a number of lords at the same location and a number of lords in the surrounding location, the selector popup sometimes looked confusing because of the lords in the background. I have added some fade out behind the popup to make things clearer.

Show map with lord select popup
Map – Select lord

ADDED: panel_look – compass – Long Press

I finally returned the compass to the main look screen. Just press on the screen and hold it for a few seconds (configurable in the options screen) and the compass will popup. Without releasing select the direction you wish to look. I have removed the haptic feedback that used to be there on mobile devices because it no longer feels right and its usage in the situation would fall foul of Apple guidelines.

Shows compass popup
Look – Compass

ADDED: panel_look – tool tip to lords on landscaping screen

You can now see who is stood in front of you by a long press on them.

Show lord with their name as a tooltip
Look – Tooltip

ADDED: panel_look – select lord from landscaping screen

Combined with the above. If you then release while still selecting them (or just press quickly) it will take you to the lords ahead think screen.

ADDED: panel_look – lord name to approach icon on choose actions

When you can potentially recruit or approach a lord, the command window icon will identify which lord you are about to approach.

Shows command window with lords name for approach
Command – Approach lord

FIXED: panel_select – crash caused by adding a new page / reorganise button

Fixed this crash when a new page was added to the selection screen. This could happen if you pressed the reorganise button or if you visited the select screen after recruiting a new lord. More prevalent in Doomdark’s Revenge because of the number of lords.

FIXED: panel_select – [win] missing or corrupt lord names

On windows the lord names were often becoming corrupt on the select screen. This has now been resolved.

FIXED: panel_select – truncated long lord names

Particularly on Doomdark’s Revenge grouped lord names would often become truncated depending on your screen size.

FIXED: [tme] – Stop diagonal movement of lord in tunnel

In the tunnels in Doomdark’s Revenge it was possible to cut the corner and move diagonally. This has been resolved.

15 thoughts on “You must challenge Doomdark everywhere…

  1. The flipscreen option doesn’t work on either game. They both load in one orientation and thats it. It’s the wrong side of my phone screen

    • Which option? In game? Flip screen is not about rotation but about removing animation – like the original 8 bit versions. Which device? I know my iOS devices rotate left or right but I can’t say for sure with android.

      • Oh right. I use Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S9. It does the sane on both. Only loads in one orientation. It doesnt rotate to match the phobe screen. So its stuck on the wrong side of my phones.

          • Ummm …its on my phone so I can really get a photo at the moment. Ill try tomorrow. So it loads in landscape upside down. I can turn my phone to fix it but then my phone case and all the buttons on my phone are upside down. I just want the game to roatate to match the phone orientatio .

          • Ok. I’ll see what I can do. By default I expect the top edge of the phone (with the notch and camera) to be on the left when playing – that should be the default. I’ll see if there is a way to add a rotation option.

          • Another thing to try. The app should start in the landscape mode dictated by the phone. Try rotating your device to how you want to play BEFORE starting the game. Or the reverse and then rotate. I’d be interested to know what it’s doing.

          • Yeah I tried that. It makes no difference. It just loads upside down. As the to camera being on the left. I find that interesting. That would make it the wrong way up for literally every phone case that has a flip cover (or, which is more likely, I just use my phone weird). Thanks for looking into it. I appreciate your time.

          • Tbh. I’m over simplifying or generalising. That’s how I always rotate it. But on both my iOS and android devices it doesn’t really make a difference it always knows what is top and bottom and rotates correctly. Not sure why it’s not on yours. The only way I can make it go wrong is with a portrait lock turned on on the phone.

          • Hmmmmm weird …. It does it for me on 2 different phones. The phone definitely isn’t screen locked because literally everything else rotates to the phones orientation. It’s only Midnight & Doomdarks revenge that doesn’t.

          • I’ve managed to reproduce the issue on one of my Android devices. It seems to only rotate one way… I therefore should be able to find a fix…

          • That’s awesome. Thanks mate ! I was trying to play last night and it was frustrating the hell out of me haha.

            Great news. Thanks again.

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