New Features

This page contains a list of all new features that are currently under consideration, or have been accepted.

** Intentionally left without much on it **

6 thoughts on “New Features

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  4. I am a fan of the first hour of Mike Singleton and of this game in particular. So I enjoy a lot to have it for my new tablet. This new game is as magic as the original.

    I would have a suggestion, I think it could be nice to have a kind of a log book in the game :
    Day 1:
    Luxor goes to west in the plains of Blood
    Morking goes north-west to Ashimar
    Corleth goes south to the plains of Gard, find shelter…

    A part could automatically filled by software: mention the location of the Hero at night, and his actions like recruit, fights or discovers. An other part could be editable by the user : why going there ?
    It could help when playing from times to times, to keep some coherence with many characters.

  5. Given that you’ve got the light changing through the day, any chance of a moving sun for extra nostalgia for us former C64 owners…?


  6. Many thanks and well done Chris for this superb remake of Lords of Midnight!
    Here are some features which would improve the game, in my opinion:
    – “Battle” button: the up and down buttons should be available in order to see the results of the battle for the other persons at the same place (in the current version, you need to press as much as 6 buttons to see the result of the battle for another army: “look”->”select”->”Lord X”->”choose”->”think”->”battle”!)
    – “Battle” button: wasn’t it possible with ZX Spectrum to read the results of the battle for the citadel’s or keep’s garnison (how many they killed and how many were lost)? In any case it would be good to have access to this information.
    – “Think” screen: there should be a select button present, in order to quickly select another person without having to go through the “look” screen every time.
    – “Save” function: it would be very useful to have a save option like there used to be in the original version. Unfortunately not everyone has got time or enjoyment for spending dozen of hours in redoing what they already did when they want to play variants of a strategy already played.
    – The game deactivates the auto-standby from the iPhone, which means that if you leave your iPhone unattended, it will empty its battery very quickly. It would be nice if this game did not deactivate the auto-standy feature of the iPhone (I tested on iPhone6 iOS 8.3).
    – The “Information Screen for Lords/Armies/Citadels” which is currently written as “Under Consideration” would be nice.

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