This parting has come too soon

It was a strange dawn. The Sun seemed reluctant to shake off the shackles of night and soar over the rim of the world. When it did, the rays it sent spinning across Midnight seemed cold and pallid. From the north a frozen mist was seeping over the hills and forests and plains and the dawn was silent, the air empty of birds, the earth untrodden by the chattering creatures of day. Even to Corelay the coldness spread and a nameless chill gripped men’s hearts as they rose to greet the new day. Old warriors, in dread, whispered of Doomdark, for they had been touched like this before, but the rest simply shivered and tried, with small success, to shrug off their unreasoning fear.

– Mike Singleton, Lords of Midnight.

2 thoughts on “This parting has come too soon

  1. Sad to see the departure of one of my strongest long-term references. Midnight is poorer, but will not become desolate. We’ll keep wondering through it, even if it becomes “Wild” (get it Chris?)

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