dragonI thought I’d post an update of where things are at, at the moment.

I’ve been having a bad run of “can’t be arsed”, this is not just on the Midnight front, but with a number of things. It happens now and then. I think part of this is due to the fact that from October I worked tirelessly on Lords of Midnight right up to release, and then followed the release with two months of updates. In the end, I think it burnt me out a little. That combined with the day job and that I work for some of my clients in the evening as well. The problem is that I have now lost a little bit of momentum and I just need to get that back…

The desktop version is almost ready. I hoped to put it into test a few weeks ago, but didn’t because I was waiting to add one more feature, which is the MAP scaling and movement gadget. I did the temporary graphics, but haven’t implemented it yet. Once that is in I will make a request of Jure for the final graphics and then upload for test and open the forum for testers.

I intend to formally request Jure start work on Doomdark’s Revenge at the start of May, so that is my new goal; I’m going to aim to have the desktop version in test and DR started by the 1st May. And then aim for DR to be ready for at least the Mac App Store  by the end of May.


7 thoughts on “Update

  1. Completely understand the lack of momentum following all your hard work over the last several months. Could DR wait till the next winter solstice? To build up momentum and excitement for us fans and to give yourself a break?

    Whilst excited about you turning your attention to DR will this mean LOM is being put to one side? As I personally was really looking forward to the possibilities of extra features to LOM such as the difficulty levels, colour schemes and (my favourite) falling snow!!

    • The idea was to aim for Revenge to be released for Winter Solstice 2013.

      Hopefully during the rest of this year, some additional features will be released into LoM. Nothing major, just a trickle. For example there are two new features waiting to be released. 1) Map Pinch Zoom and 2) power save mode. Hopefully I have dramatically reduced the amount of power the game uses. Not to mention any bug fixes.

      It may be that snow and new graphics can happen this year, but I suspect that new campaigns etc might not.

      I am working on the principal that once I have LoM and DR out on all formats, I will continue to update them… well, for as long as I can!

  2. While I’m thrilled that I could be playing DDR by the end of May , Chris don’t burn yourself out , I can wait , so I suspect can others ,

  3. Nice one Chris . Midnight Plays like a dream , can’t wait for DDR now.
    Can i ask , will The Eye of The Moon ever be made ?

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