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  1. Can’t wait! I’ll be lining up to get my copy. Missed those old friends…:)

  2. I must say that while I admire the courage of paying homage to the graphics of the past, making them just higher resolution, the color palette was a technical restriction back then as much as the low resolution was. Mr Singleton couldn’t choose which colors to use and he worked with what he had, while fighting the color-clash the Spectrum was famous for. Today there is no need for you to use exactly the same color palette, and even mimicking the blocky coloring to avoid the color-clash.
    There is no need for dwarves to use fucsia shields. I almost would rather see everything grayscale.

    • It’s important that things stay as they were before they change… for both games I need a baseline to move forward from.

    • I believe the colour is magenta…
      IMHO, there is an understated elegance to the graphics. They could be “more” of anything but they meet the brief so well. Clean lines, scaling well for smaller devices, obvious context. You’d think they’d been designed for a modern web-based or mobile game, although no self-respecting dwarf would go for magenta when blood-red or gleaming mithril were viable alternatives.

      I’ve just loved how the graphics worked out for LOM and can’t wait to see the rest of Jure’s handiwork. I never did get at the watchwords of midnight on the speccy, although we did enjoy multiplayer games thanks to the “control all the characters” poke in DDR. I loved being the giants, but hated it when it was my turn to be the dwarves…

    • There is no need for the dwarves to use fuscia shields other than this startling colour palette was one of the aspects that made these games stick in my mind for 30 years. Certainly have new graphics, but I’d be grateful to have the originals in there as well.

  3. Looks great Chris. What’s the latest ETA for DDR so I can book some time off work!!!

  4. I am looking forward to the *new* desktop version of LoM and, more importantly, DDR. I had the c64 version of Lords in 1985, along with a copy of the Crash/ZZap64 map which stole large chunks of my youth. Then, when browsing the net around 99/2000, i discovered, not only your ports of the original game, but the inspiring WinLoM app. This enabled me to show my son, one of the best games i have ever played, in a much more upto date visual style. I waited with bated breath for Doomdark (or should i say Shareth?) to appear on the revised “Midnight Engine” but alas, to no avail…

    I have my music picked out, ready to warm me through the nights of the War of the Solstice, and i am ready to once again command your armies, my Lord…

    Oh and i am looking forward (very optimistically) to the hope of FINALLY seeing The Eye of the Moon; as well as keeping up with your blog on progress.

    Good luck.
    MoonKnyte (Garrison Commander, Keep of the Moon)

  5. I might have to take the week off work when Doomdark’s Revenge appears. Any update on the potential release date?

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