Midnight Status Update

This week has seen The Lords of Midnight finally get the 1.12 update across all the stores. That means that OSX and Blackberry players can now enjoy the features that other users have had for nearly 4 months. Sorry about that, the OSX issue came about because I could no longer submit to the App Store, and it has taken this long for Marmalade to fix the issue, and Blackberry was just an oversight – never noticed that I had not updated it.

Doomdark’s Revenge has now hit version 1.2 across all stores. This resolves a number of early issues and brings the remake more inline with the original. There is still some work to do on that, and version 1.3 should be pushed out later this week which will hopefully close off the remaining problematic areas. You can see a full list of upcoming changes here.

I’ll be honest, it has taken me by surprise at the number of issues that crept through the testing process. Looking at it with hindsight, not enough testing occurred that compared it to the original. I have spent a large amount of the last two weeks pouring over the original code looking for subtle things that I had previously missed, in order to try and explain the variances. For example, Shareth’s stronghold is Imiriel, but for the routing AI it get overridden as Glireon. Morkin is actually and AI lord which means he moves. And, Characters will not attempt to recruit another character while at a stronghold.

The OSX version of Midnight and Revenge both have a problem with Mac Book Pro Retina screens. I shall be looking into that. As a work around, place you laptop in one of the smaller virtual resolutions, start the app and then change it to Large Window mode in the options. The change you desktop resolution back.

16 thoughts on “Midnight Status Update

  1. Even with some problems very good game, and thanks for your hard work on it chris and gang.

  2. Hi Chris , DDR is playing better ,just wanted to comment that after a lord has been approached , that approached lord dosnt start from dawn as in the old C64 version.
    Ye doin a fine job.

    • That was purely a c64 difference. All other versions leave the time as is. Which means they will have whatever is left from the last AI turn.

  3. Hi

    I think there’s a few DDR bugs in the revised version.

    1. Warrior lords can’t seem to recruit and their army never increases above 50 at any stronghold their defeat.

    2. I have a situation where Luxor can recruit from his newly won stronghold of 50 men, which automatically causes the game to crash.

    3. Lords locked in a battle at dawn cannot recruit an AI lord adjacent to them. I have to move them first and then recruit.

    Sorry if these are issues you know about.



    • 3 is resolved in 1.3. I’ve had 1 & 2 reported to me but can’t reproduce. Any more info would be useful. Also, which device?

      • I’m also having 1 and 2 on the ipad. Draws also seem not to be able to recruit.

        Great game!

      • 1 happens to me consistently, device is iPad mini. You can easily reproduce this by having Rorthron recruit Careneon at his fortress on day 1, then next morning try to have Careneon recruit warriors.

          • Hi,

            1 and 2 are a constant in version 1.2 on the ipad. Maybe it is resolved in the upcoming 1.3 version?
            Dwarves, warrior barbarian and warrior fey can’t recruit as the recruit button puts warriors on guard until the fortress is full.
            When Luxor gains a fortress the army at the fortress stays at 50, it’s not being filled at night.
            Hope this helps in finding the problem.


  4. May I ask when the patch 1.3 will be ready? I don’t intend to annoy you on the matter, but three weeks after my purchase I would really like to be able to play the game properly.

      • Was there not? Sorry, my memory must be playing up. I just remember seeing that Shareth had been randomly killed once during the night – but now I think about maybe that was just to say ‘game over’.

        • You will get a message about shareth, but that is the only one. I’m going to add area battle reporting as an optional feature.

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