I follow no road, I simply ride.

I’ve had a torrid few days with the updates. Only myself to blame really. I managed to release, not one, but two updates with debug code left in. Rookie mistakes! I must be more strict with the regression testing and debug development. But it’s difficult when you are working alone and trying to react as quick as possible to issues raised. This has not been made any easier by working in a Hotel where the internet access doesn’t really get going until after Midnight. Pushing out an update involves building ten different versions, and uploading ~300mb – tethering on my phone has taken a battering and my Data Plan has been boosted once already.

For the record, and just in case you have updated during that time, the two issues are; Approach will always succeed, no matter who you are or who you approach, and after attacking a stronghold, the next morning your lords will seem to have scattered. If you see this happen, you need the latest update.

iOS and OSX App Store will not have these issues as the releases had not made their way through the original update process. If you have updated Windows or Mac through the game menu, you might want to check again.

Anyway I am hoping that the latest update 1.3.4 will settle and I can take a break.

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  1. Take it easy, man.
    No plane is going to crash because Doomdark’s Revenge approach mechanism is bugged.
    While it’s good to have the game as bug free as possible to please the paying customers, at this time and age of software market it will be understood if you don’t update a $5 app every 24 hours.

    • Also, beware of the people with limited data plans. Every little update is 25 megabytes, at least for the Android edition. I have seen people complain sometimes at the ratings page that some app has too big, too many updates, too often.

      • Cheer yes. I’m hoping these updates will have been missed by most people. And they will just get the current version. Over the next few days.

  2. What appears to be a bug I’m afraid – Recruited Morkin and tried to return through the tunnel from the frozen wastes, on entering the tunnel Morkin can only look NW, NE, SE and SW, which means he cannot move in any of the tunnel directions, nor can he return to the surface. So Morkin appears to be stuck I’m afraid.

  3. Still picking up a couple of bugs.

    Had a couple of large groups suddenly vanish from the select menu. The lords still are on my side – I can occupy the same space as them, but can’t select them. This has only happened with large groups though.

    Also, have recruited Morkin, but he is still moving under his own volition at night after having grouped him with Tarithel. This occurred when they exited the tunnels together.

  4. Just discovered this on android, fantastic work!

    Just wondered how the windows phone version is coming along since i’m usually on that platform.

    And a windows 8 app, is that a possibility? I know that I at least would really appreciate that.

  5. Love the new version 🙂 Here’s a couple of issues, not sure if any of these have been mentioned yet:

    1: the AI lords are certainly more mobile now, I have both Luxor and Tarithel’s groups, without having moved very much from their start areas, running into giants and dwarves before day 10 and icelords a couple of days after that (looks like they are following their foes). I don’t think they were ever that quick on the Spectrum version, in fact I’m not sure I’ve EVER had Tarithel encounter giants pre-Morkin rescue. Is something going on here?

    2: Not sure if some of this is deliberate, but:
    – If a lord who is a group member performs an approach, the approach will succeed as long as there is at least 1 lord in the group that can successfully make that approach. You can tell when this has happened because the newly recruited lord’s leige is not the lord that approached.
    – A non-leader in a group can’t move the group normally but can approach (and thereby move the group).
    – If a grouped lord is at night time, he will still be moved if one of the other lords in the group does an approach.
    – I saw this once and couldn’t reproduce: I had Luxor approach someone when he was in a group lead by Imgorad the barbarian. The approach succeeded, but on the select screen, Luxor was now the group leader and Imgorad was missing from the group, I had to break up the group and press the “…” button to get him back.

  6. Another bug: it’s possible to get guidance from a tower saying that an item is held by a lord who used to have it, but gave it away. This happened to me with Luxor, he found the crown of Carudrium, gave it to Rorthron, then later got guidance saying he’s the one carrying it.

  7. Hi, just picked LoM and DR up with fond memories. Good work.

    I think there might be a bug in DR that AI lords do not attempt to approach player lords. Rather than attempting to recruit or (upon failure) attacking as in the original, they just stop. AI lords will however initiate an attack on their foes.

    • They are definitely approaching as there is an outstanding bug that Tarithel can be recruited from under you!! :(. But failure of approach doesn’t necessarily result in a fight because the approached lord may leave the location that turn if they are later in The Lord processing list.

      • Okay, I see that they are making approaches, thanks.

        However, AI lords are occasionally “halting” next to your (and other AI?) lords. In some cases this makes sense – perhaps they wouldn’t want to start a fight (outnumbered, unwilling to attack their liege who you recruited, etc.) In others it doesn’t. Either way, it makes the game less challenging, because it makes lords much easier to recruit.

        I’ve also noticed that the game is easier compared to Spectrum because the AI lords seem to “clump” much less. Major lords like Glormane, Carangrane and Imgorthand would often have a sizeable number of vassals with them, and move in a big, tough army. This is particularly stark with Shareth, who on the Spectrum you could almost guarantee would head off to kill Luxor and arrive about day 20-30 with 20+ Icelords in tow. More often that not in the Android variant, I have to hunt her down and the Icelords have scattered so far and wide on their own objectives that she has very little backup. The much larger number of solo lords also makes them much easier to recruit.

        Are these design changes intentional?

  8. I love the windows 7 LOM just as I loved The original game, However I can’t find where to buy the Game Doomdark’s revenge for windows 7. can you help me out here please?

    It’s like a long held dream suddenly coming true. Thanks for all the haad graft nd headache-solving you’ve done. Ever onward to victorty!!! death to the evil Shareth!!!

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