The One Moon Ring

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13 thoughts on “The One Moon Ring

  1. Well, Lords of Midnight’s quest is basically like an inverse Lord of the Rings’ quest. Instead of the good guys figuring out how to destroy the Ring and then Frodo having to take the it to the bad guy’s backdoor to destroy it, Morkin has to go to the bad guy’s backdoor and steal the Crown, and then figure out what to do with it to destroy it.

    Thinking on it… is the Moon Ring any less evil than the One Ring, when it allows the bearer to bend the other’s wills to do as he pleases? If Luxor loses the Moon Ring, all other Lords stop doing his bidding, what means that they weren’t doing it willingly in the first place… 😮

  2. Shame on you Azrapse! Have you not read the novel… “With
    the Power of Vision you will be able to see through their eyes what they see.
    With the Power of Command you will be able to urge them to undertake any
    task they would willingly perform for you.” 😉

  3. I have been waiting for a PC remake of LOM for so long. I loved this game so much, I think it must be my favourite game of all time.
    Does anyone know yet how much it’s going to cost and where can I buy it?

  4. Oh no!
    I was really hoping I would be playing LOM this Christmas. 🙁

    Nevermind, better late than never.
    I am really glad that you have kept things close to the original. Just looking at the screen shots gives me tingles. I would not like to count the hours I put into this game in my youth, but it was a awful lot.

  5. I have windows 7 on my PC, Rorthron. I am very sure I wouldn’t mind a pre-release for Christmas. 🙂

  6. Looking forward to playing this on iphone and PC. My favorite game of all time, just a shame Mike won’t be here to see its release.

  7. When can we hope to see Doomdark’s Revenge on IOS? Does it depend on the success of LoM?

    • The plan is to start work on Doomdark’s Revenge some time around February. Depends on how busy I am with LoM after release. I still need to fixup the Android version and plan to use January to get the desktop versions finished.

  8. I spent ages making a map. It was on a huge piece of graph paper, and had little matchstick flags into pieces of plasticine to represent my army’s.
    Later, with Doomdark’s revenge, I got the official map that I still have to this day. 🙂

    I am so looking forward to this, and I really hope that it is followed up with Doomdarks revenge at some later date. It was, and still is my favourite game of all time.

  9. I’m counting down the days… On Friday LOM and I’m off to see the hobbit… Happy days!

  10. It’s at times like this that I wish I had a tablet. I think PC and Mac owners have to wait until some time in the new year. Let’s hope it’s early in the new year. 😉

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