16 thoughts on “Lords of Midnight – Android

  1. I just got it and it works perfectly in my little HTC Gratia.
    I love the maps and the hero grouping. 🙂

  2. Never crossed my mind to get it for my android phone. I will look it up now. Hope it works on my Huawei. 🙂
    It will give me a taste before the PC version.

  3. Bought it. Now I can play on both my iPad and my Galaxy Nexus. 🙂 Besides, you more than deserve it.

    First impressions:

    – looks great on the Galaxy Nexus. Which really means “looks great on a smartphone”, as I had only played it on an tablet so far.
    – swiping seems to be just like the iPad, which means that sometimes it doesn’t recognize swipes. I don’t know if my swipes are too short, or too quick, or if the game demands almost perfect, straight horizontals (when in reality people tend to angle / curve swipes a bit), but there’s certainly room for improvement here.
    – the map has the same “Usgarak” (should be Ushgarak) typo as the iOS version.

    Also, would it be too much work for you to implement (bluetooth) keyboard controls (using the original Speccy keys) in a future version?

  4. Hi Chris,

    Just updated LOM Android this morning and it’s stopped working. Just a black screen on lanch. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Thought you should know.



  5. It’s not immediately obviously exactly where you need to tap to move and look around – perhaps the first help screen should make that obvious?

    I also have a little trouble getting tap response for looking on my Nexus sometimes. And I’m a little suspicious of the battle algorithm, which I’ll try to quantify sometime.

    But it’s still wonderful 🙂

    • I need to play around with the touch stuff, I’m not massively happy with it.

      Be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Battle Algorithm.

  6. Hiya Chris,

    Just been Playing LOM on my Galaxy S3. I recruited Utarg and his shield went in to the bottom left, which I presume it should do, unfortunately I am then unable to select his shield nor move it because of the Look button is in the way on the select screen.
    Hope I’m not being stupid and missing something.



  7. Bought it this morning – awesome port Chris! I particularly love the combination of full ‘vague’ map and detailed auto-map. Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Hi again Chris – finished 1.04 for the Android late last night, after a leisurely 70-day saunter “up the Ushgarak”, as it were, taking all keeps and Citadels. Learnt how to break the bulk of Doomy attack force (about 27 thousand on the Plains of Blood is underwear-changing stuff), hammering it with guerilla warfare tactics as it splintered en-route to Xajorkith. It was only then that I lost Lords – including Farflame – as I dispersed to retake keeps and amass a counter force. I don’t recall quite so many random-movement (ninja?) contingents hiding in the bushes etc to ambush, in previous LOM versions… Made me very cautious indeed when attacking the Doomy homeland, but it seems I needn’t have worried – there were no special tricks evident in defensive AI there, and I was regularly taking entrenched forces bigger than my own attack. LOM AI is the perennial chestnut, but I was thinking how devastating that a number of kamikaze-like contingents would be, boring straight for Xajorkith without distraction to usual “interest” flags- even breaking off battles with intervening armies (with some loss) to reach their target. You’ve already knocked the “re-spawning” Doomy forces on the head in a bug thread, but I wonder…:)
    Just some cosmetic notes for the Android version I played – the “win” and “loss” screens seem to overwrite text with the image (both very nice, by the way – Jorge again??), when Doomdark forces are listed in the >Choose>Armies roll, a token Free Lord is pictured associated, rather than a Foul Rider or Warrior, and I noticed a few times that grouped Lords would “refuse” to attack field forces (on the Plains of Despair, Death etc) but would be fine hitting adjacent keeps. Checked all the fear and fitness levels of the under-Lords and they were cool… I wonder if anyone else can replicate the issue. All up, looks and plays great as-is – top work!

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