30 Years Old

In 1984, Mike Singleton and Beyond released The Lords of Midnight. It’s hard to find an exact date, review copies were starting to appear with the Weekly Magazines toward the end of May, and the Monthlies seemed to have it in their June or July edition. On that basis, 1st June seems a good as date as any to celebrate 30 years.

So, Happy Birthday The Lords of Midnight!!

As part of that celebration, I have reduced the price of The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge across all formats, for the whole month. So if there is a version you haven’t got get…

I believe that GoG.com will be also running a promotion this month.

Also, if you want some original nostalgia, why not check it out using Spectaculator on iOS, Android, Windows. Or there is The Lords of Midnight:8 Bit on Android.

Or if you haven’t tried it Multi-User why not visit Midnight/MU.

5 thoughts on “30 Years Old

  1. Congratulations to LoM, I will get DDR at some point in the near future! I never finished the original so I really want to finish it this time around.

  2. Blimey, has it been that long! I can still remember eagerly opening that Beyond box, putting the cassette in my tape recorder and impatiently waiting for those 5 minutes or so to pass, whilst the game loaded on my Speccy. It was such a ground breaking game back then in so many ways (graphics, scale of game, AI etc) all crammed into 48k. If only more coding nowadays was so tight and memory efficient 😉
    What a great legacy and testament to Mike’s work that it’s so well engrained in the memories of so many 40+ year olds.

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