Dawn approached stealthily

This week has been the first time that I have been able to do any work on LoM since the decision to continue with the project. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing has been done. Jure Rogelj has been working his way through all the artwork, and we now pretty much have everything covered for the first release. All the terrain, shields, and characters have been redrawn, along with splash screens and icons etc… just a few finishes touches now hopefully.
This week I have torn through a large number of outstanding issues that were required to get the game ready for release, and it now feels a lot more polished. I am hoping to release iOS, OSX, Windows, and Playbook versions into test by the weekend.
The desktop versions still need more specific work done on them, to adjust from the hand-held to desktop experience, but they are fully playable. I intend to focus more on these changes post initial hand-held release, while I drive to get the app ready for the Mac App Store.
I doubt that I will be able to give too much focus on the Android version before initial release either, but I promise that it will be the first thing I address in the New Year. I will look at ordering a Nexus7 in the next few days, so that I at least have a reference device to work with.
Unfortunately, in order to have any chance of remotely hitting the intended release of Winter Solstice ( Dec 21st/22nd ), there are a number of features that are probably not going to make the first release. Most of these are ui enhancements that make the game a little easier to play and have no bearing on the original game, they will just facilitate a richer playing experience. I will endeavour to add these features quickly post release.