If there were vague fears for the future itching in the depths of men’s minds…

The following is the list of outstanding items that are currently on my feature list. The intention is to add all of these over the next few releases. They all have a varying level of difficulty to implement and some will be quick wins. I’m not going to commit to an order or when as much will depend on me being on a roll or not, but I will place a marker against the ones I original intended for the Summer Solstice release. If you would like to discuss the items in any more detail, please feel free to following the links to my GitHub page for each item.

panel_select, panel_think – Add Next/Previous buttons for Desktop – Summer Solstice

panel_select and panel_think need an additional Next/Previous buttons for moving through the pages. The mobile pager is not always obvious.

Option – Don’t swap after successful approach – Summer Solstice

Give the option to stop the auto switch to the newly recruited lord after an approach. Maybe this could be Enable / Disable / Ask with default being Enabled.

Option – Auto Seek – Summer Solstice

Add option to auto seek when entering a location. Doomdark’s Revenge already does this as seek is not a player action. Maybe it could be?

Option – Auto Approach – Summer Solstice

Add an option to auto approach when entering a location in LoM or when trying to move in to a location DDR.

Game Difficulty – LOM/DDR – battle algorithms

Adjust battle algorithms to give Doomguard more success. This would be a difficulty option.

Game Difficulty – LOM – Armies

Add more armies tracking Luxor, Morkin in LoM. This would be a difficulty option.

Game Difficulty – LOM – IceFear / Moonring

The ice fear is calculated based on Morkin’s distance from the Ice Crown and the distance from the warm glow of luxor. The ice fear is then fed in to other calculations.

increase the falling rate of Invigorated/tired, bold/afraid, + effect on + distance to Moon ring. This would be a difficulty option.

LOM: Campaign for Novel

Create a campaign that would mirror changes made for the Novel.

  • Lord of Silence
  • Tarithel the Fey
  • Utarg changing sides
  • Tunnel to the Tower of Doom

LOM: Gameplay Rule – Varied start positions

Allow various different start positions for the lords. Needs some thought to whom this should affect.

LOM: Gameplay Rule – Replenish Cup of Dreams

LoM – Locations that have a Cup of Dreams have the ability to respawn after x amount of time. This could be altered by the difficulty mode. Other ‘things’ could also be respawned. This would not be dissimilar to how DDR works.

DDR: Gameplay Rule – Armies continue to fight after attacking.

Currently in Doomdark’s Revenge AI Lords have the habit of leaving a fight. This option would make them act like LoM and stay until death or other lords leave. Another potential option would be for them to leave if they consider they are losing… Could also be linked to difficulty.

DDR: Gameplay Rule – Armies attack when near an enemy

Currently AI lords have the habit of not attacking enemies that are close by, unlike LoM. This feature would make them act more like LoM. Could also be linked to difficulty.

DDR: Gameplay Rule – Adjust lord death rules – Summer Solstice

In Doomdark’s Revenge the death rules for Lords should be tweaked to be more like LoM, meaning that can’t die until their army is wiped out. And not if attacking a critter with an army.

panel_map: Add Pinch and Zoom

  1. Add Pinch and Zoom to map for Mobile
  2. Add Shift and Mouse move for Desktop

Add guide and novella to embedded browser

Rather than open in a external browser, open the novella and guide in a embedded browser.

Tomorrow, at dawn, you must don the Moon Ring

The Spring Equinox release has now been submitted to Apple and Google and should be available over the next few days, if not already. Windows and the OSX non store versions can be downloaded from The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge update pages.

Here is the list of changes, this version is mainly Doomdark’s Revenge updates. The next release will likely switch focus.

v2.0.6 (45)

  1. FIXED: DDR – Strongholds don’t change Occupier if the race is the same
  2. FIXED: DDR – Night processing hangs because of circular lieges
  3. FIXED: DDR – Obigrorn the Giant starts with Riders
  4. FIXED: Options menu is sometimes off the screen on narrow screens.
  5. ADDED: 100% scale to panel_map_detailed
  6. FIXED: Give, Take, Approach, and Use text not working on action buttons
  7. FIXED: Check place should show when entering a location with an artefact
  8. FIXED: Replacing missing Keyboard Style option on desktop devices
  9. ADDED: Game Difficulty – Normal / Easy / Medium / Hard
  10. ADDED: Gameplay Rule – Intended original terrain travel times

I have also update the online guides to better reflect the changes over the last year or so.

Item 1, 2, and 4 are straight bug fixes and I think speak for themselves. 3 will only be resolved in new games.

100% scale to panel_map_detailed

Simple icon to click on screen to reset map scaling to 100%

100% scale – map option

Give, Take, Approach, and Use text not working on action buttons

The action buttons didn’t show the target of the action correctly.

Give and Take

Check place should show when entering a location with an artefact

The check place always showed and artefact that was in a given location, it just wasn’t easy to find them without constantly going to ‘choose’ or ‘check place’ on every move. The original would auto show ‘check place’ if an artefact was at the location – this has now been implemented correctly.

Check place

Replacing missing Keyboard Style option on desktop devices

For some reason this keyboard option with Classic, or New disappeared when I moved to v2. Best to check the online guide to see the difference in keys, or just press a key and see the hints.

Options – Keyboard Style

Game Difficulty – Normal / Easy / Medium / Hard

This is the first stages of the new difficulty modes. Normal is as the game was originally released. Depending on the game difficulty, there is a defined number of saves. Also if Repeatable Save is set, then an action after a save game, in the same sequence, will follow the save outcome. More features will be added to the difficulty mode over time. Difficulty mode stays the same for the entire story and is not affected by changing the options during a game.

DifficultyUndosRepeatable Save
Table for Difficulty modes

Gameplay Rule – Intended original terrain travel times – Movement Modifiers

The original spectrum version of Doomdark’s Revenge had a bug that mean movement was not taking in to account a races favoured terrain. This option allows you to play the game with either the Original, Intended, or even C64 versions. A more detailed examination of the values can be found here…

Difficulty and Movement Modifiers