I leave on the morrow for the Blood March

300x300I’m just going to put this out there for now.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I would like to see The Lords of Midnight:The Citadel, retro-fitted into the same 2d landscaping technique of the originals.

I have spoke to Jure about it, and he hasn’t said no. It will really come down to how much work it is going to be. And he is busy with his Legions of Ashworld at the moment.

I’m not ready to start it yet as I have a number of things that I want/need to do before this. However, it will need a lot of design work in order to work out how the original actually worked and to then transpose that. So what I am thinking is that this might be on the slate for 2015. I have until then to work out all the details.

What I am looking for is anyone who was interested and actually enjoyed the original, who would like to help out trying to work out the design of the game.


Doomdark’s Revenge Status Update

Quick update. The release of Doomdark’s Revenge was not too bad in the scheme of things. Online press has been good, good coverage on Twitter, sales numbers seem to be in line with The Lords of Midnight release.

All platforms were released simultaneously, which in itself isn’t too be sniffed at. The only problem was that OSX on the Mac App Store didn’t make it. Hopefully the issues there will be resolved soon.

The only Major glitch was a graphic memory problem that was hitting a few Android devices, but with the help of some supportive customers, I was able to iron that out last night an get and update out overnight. Interesting, the problem also affects The Lords of Midnight and probably explains some of the random startup crashes and incompatibilities I’ve had there. So as soon as things settle I will update that.

Despite a stressful few hours, I think the Android release probably went better than The Lords of Midnight Android release. Biggest problem was releasing while staying in a hotel where the Wifi decided to be very very poor!

There are a few issues that have cropped up. Mainly recruiting and battles, and a few cosmetics. The Recruitment issues make the game easier, the battles make it harder. I will try and resolve all of them ASAP.